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Cliche, but true: “A breakdown leads to a breakthrough”.

Put similarly “All great change is preceded by chaos”.

This video is for you if you feel like you’re smack bang in the middle of a breakdown – in the messy middle – as my beautiful (and talented!) friend Brenda would call it.

It’s a gentle reminder and some loving encouragement that a breakthrough is coming.

A breakdown can come in all shapes and sizes.

Sometimes they literally feel like your whole life is falling apart around you, and you’ve hit rock bottom.

Sometimes, they feel like only a part of your life is falling apart: your relationships are great, but you’re having a meltdown about your career.

Sometimes, we’re taking action and heading down a path towards our goals, we’re doing ‘all the right things’ but we just aren’t achieving the results we wanted. Cue: breakdown.

And sometimes, like in the example I share in the video, they’re setbacks. Everything is going swimmingly, we’re making progress and getting to where we want to go, then something happens and in the blink of an eye we’re back where we started – at least that’s what it feels like!

Whatever the breakdown you’re having, it will always feel massive at the time. That’s part of what makes them a breakdown rather than just a bit of an ‘off’ day.

A breakdown always has something to teach us.

There is always a lesson (or many lessons!) in a breakdown. When we can see that lesson, that’s our breakthrough.

That’s when we’ll be able to move onwards.

To start climbing out of that rock bottom hole we’ve found ourselves in.

To start taking action to find a career that fulfils us.

To shift our path to one that feels better, is more aligned with who we are

To take care of ourselves – to learn to respect and work with our energy, our health, our bodies.

The thing is, when you’re in the middle of a breakdown, it can be hard to see the lesson. It can be hard to do anything other than sit in the messiness and feel sorry for yourself.

We all do that.


You can support yourself to move through a breakdown.
You can support yourself to have that breakthrough.

In today’s video I share some tips to help you move through a breakdown, to find the lesson or the breakthrough in it. To start taking action; to start climbing out of the bottom of that hole.


Are you ready to move on?

In the video I ask you to think about three things to help you move through a breakdown. You can use these prompts if you’re in the middle of a breakdown, or to reflect back on a breakdown you’ve had in the past.

1: Often when we’re having a breakdown, we blame ourselves. We pile guilt on ourselves for f*&king it up, basically. So I want you to ask yourself, where are you, or where have you been, piling guilt on yourself?

2: Once you’ve got that point, can you pinpoint a moment, one tiny moment, where you made a decision, a choice, took action, to change your situation to feel better?

If you can’t pinpoint a moment like this, then this is it. Right NOW is the time to make that choice. This is your permission slip. Your kick up the ass…don’t think about it, just go do one tiny thing that truly makes you feel better.

3: Now: celebrate that! Celebrate that you have made a choice and taken action. Celebrate that you are moving forwards, upwards again. Celebrate that you have learnt – about what does and doesn’t work for you. What feels good and not so good for you.

Instead of sitting in the guilt and shame of the breakdown, place all your focus and energy on that one point where you took one step and thought one thought that changed your situation and celebrate yourself for having the courage to do that.

I would love for you to celebrate with me in the comments below, by sharing that moment where you made a choice and took action to change your situation OR if you haven’t yet I’d love for you to make a commitment, to use this space as a space place to have that moment!

We are all here to support each other to learn and grow.

Let’s celebrate!

Lau xx

P.S If you feel like you’re in the middle of a massive, never-ending breakdown; when you feel like your life has fallen in a heap and you can’t see the way out; even though it probably doesn’t feel like it right now, it’s a good thing.

When you feel trapped and disillusioned, when the life you dream about living feels so freaking far away from the one you’re currently living and you can’t see how anything can possibly change, you’re actually one huge step closer to what you want.

I love working with women (and some brave gents too), who are ready to answer the feeling inside of them that they’re meant for more than whatever it is they have and wherever it is they are right now.

If you’re ready to finally throw off the expectations of showing up every day living a life you feel like you have to live, rather than the life you dream about living, I would love to chat further with you.

You can find out more about working with me over here, and book in for a completely free, no-obligation chat if you would like to find out more.


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