You know something needs to change. There’s a whisper quiet voice inside you that you’ve been doing your best to drown out. To ignore.

But you can’t anymore.

It’s getting louder and louder. More persistent every day, asking “Is this what the rest of my life is going to be like?”

The thing is: you can’t understand how you’ve ended up here. You shouldn’t be here.Work With Me - Image 1 (1)


You’ve followed the path set out for you. Been a ‘good girl’ (or boy!) and ticked all the boxes. Done the ‘right’ things.

But it doesn’t feel right.


Sure, from the outside your life looks good.

Comfortable; like you’ve got it all sorted. Everyone keeps telling you that, anyway.

So you should be feeling great. Happy. Content.

You’re not.

Instead you feel suffocated. Trapped. Stuck. Disconnected.

And guilty too: your life isn’t bad, so why aren’t you more grateful? What’s wrong with you?

All you can think is “How did I end up here?”

You secretly dream of upping and leaving. Getting on a plane and going. But then reality hits. You can’t. You’re completely trapped by this life – you’ve got a job, relationships, bills to pay.

And if you walk away from it all now, you’ll have failed.

Yet you can’t ignore the voice in your head that keeps saying to you “I just can’t keep going another year like this.”

There’s a feeling that you want – need – to do something different to what you’re doing now. What you’ve done in the past.

You’re being called to answer this feeling inside you that’s telling you something’s not right – that you’re meant for more than whatever it is you have right now…you just have no idea where to start figuring out what is.

I know.

I know what it’s like to feel like you’ve lost touch with your dreams.

I know what it’s like to feel like you’re living life on auto-pilot.

I know what it’s like to feel like something is missing, yet at the same time that you don’t even know what you want anymore.

And I know what it’s like to feel average. Like you’re all you’re meant for is an average life.
A mediocre life.

I’m here to tell you this:

When you feel like your life has fallen in a heap and you can’t see the way out; even though it probably doesn’t feel like it right now, it’s a good thing.
When you feel trapped and disillusioned, when the life you dream about living feels so freaking far away from the one you’re currently living and you can’t see how anything can possibly change, you’re actually one huge step closer to what you want.

Thank god you’re having this moment now.

Work With Me - Image 2Not when you’re 85.


Because now you have the opportunity to change.


Now, you can start living the life YOU want to live.


Not the life you’ve resigned yourself to living.


Not the life you think you have to live.

And most definitely not the life other people think you should be living.

Now, you can start to discover and live a life that inspires you + fulfils you.

Now, you can start living life for yourself first, rather than constantly worrying about what everyone else thinks about you.

You can let yourself start dreaming again – and then actually take action to make those dreams your reality.

Now, you get to experience firsthand that your life doesn’t have to be meh; that you’re abso-freaking-lutely meant for more than feeling like this; and that with clarity + courage, mindset + action you don’t have to keep living your life like this.

Because I can tell you this with absolute certainty: if you’re feeling crap about your current circumstances then they’re not the ones you’re meant for.


Are you ready?

Working with me will support you to:

Get clear on what you want your life to look like – what do you want from your relationships, health, career – we’ll look at all areas of your life, nothing is off limits!

Break out of the constricting mould you feel trapped in and start making changes – even when it’s scary and a step outside of your comfort zone.

Start living a life that feels good – that gives you that #fizzyheart feeling – right now, not in 5 months or 2 years time.

Ditch the guilt and stop agonising over other people’s expectations of you and what you should be doing.

Come up with a plan + start taking action to get results – it’s true what they say: ‘If you want something you’ve never had, then you’ve got to do something you’ve never done.’


In our 1:1 coaching together we:

// Explore + dive deep to discover (or rediscover) what your dreams + passions are.

// Take those nuggets of goodness to give you clarity: i.e. how you want to feel; and what you want life to look like.

// Bring all those nuggets of goodness, those dreams + wishes together to create a beautiful vision for your life that lights every cell in your body up.

// Develop a (realistic) plan to get from where you are, to where you want to be and make those dreams reality (hint: small steps + consistency = amazingness. Promise!).

// Work through any internal and external blocks stopping you from moving forwards and living life the way you dream of (Ever felt like you keep self-sabotaging even when you want something SO BAD? Yeah, that. We’ll get to the root cause of that and fix it.).

// Bust through fears together, so they no longer hold you back + you know just how to deal with them.

Hear from people who’ve worked with me


You’ll end up with your own personalised set of tools, practices and techniques that support you to take action, overcome blocks and keep moving forwards.

I’m with you, the whole way. There’s nowhere I won’t go (metaphorically speaking).

I’m your biggest supporter, cheerleader extraordinaire, a sounding board and, yes, sometimes a tough loving trainer who tells you what it is you don’t want to hear.

Because change isn’t always easy.

Stepping out of your comfort-zone feels, well…uncomfortable. Especially if you’re trying to go it alone.  Or you don’t even know what needs to change, or where you need to start. You just know something needs to change.

I know how scary it is to step away from the expectations we place on ourselves and our future.

I know how scary it feels to start doing things differently to the way we’ve done them before. To start showing up differently than the way we’ve showed up in the past.

And I also know that when you commit to making this change; when you back yourself to go after your dreams, to create and live a life that feels good, even (especially!) when it’s not what you thought your life would look like….

Life gets infinitely better. Deeper. Richer.

Your relationships go next-level.

Your work fulfils you.

You are happier + more confident.

Every day.


You feel empowered because you’re creating and living the life you want to be living.

You start doing things and living the life that you used to dream about. Now, you’re making it your reality.

Don’t take my word for it – hear what some of my clients have to say over here.


So! How about it?

Here’s how we can work together:

Click the link below to book a free, absolutely no-obligation 30 minute chat to see if we are the right fit for each other. You can ask me any questions you like about the coaching process and how it will work for you.





Then, once we decide to work together, you will receive:

// A deep diving Pre-Coaching Questionnaire: this helps you start to uncover those juicy nuggets of wisdom so we dig in and get you moving forwards from our first session.

// 1 x 60 minute coaching session every fortnight (so 2 sessions each month) via Skype (video or voice, you choose).

// Email and voxer support between sessions. This is a SUPER valuable tool to help you maintain momentum while working towards your goals. Momentum = how we make the things we dream of our reality!

// A range of resources to help you clarify + recognise and release + create action throughout the coaching series. Some of these will be developed just for you!

// Your very own personalised recording based on your goals + vision to re-program your mind for success.

Your investment for the all of the above is $550AUD per month for three months.

Ready to start living life YOUR way?

Book in for an obligation free, complimentary 30 minute chat where I can answer all of your questions and we can look at how you can create a life you love through working together.





Before you click away from this page, because that voice in your head is telling you that you’d never get results like the ones I talk about + share from my clients, I just want to share one more thing with you.

That sense of dissatisfaction you have with life; that icky feeling you have that this is it? That this is the life you signed up for and it’s all you’re going to get? I want you to know that it doesn’t have to be that way.

You know that life you dream about living but think it doesn’t happen to people like you? I know that you can live it.

How? Because only a few years ago, I was you. And looking back now, getting the guts to take that leap of faith and for once in my life back myself, was the scariest but the best thing I could have ever done.

Life’s too short to keep beating-up on yourself and accepting that ‘this is just the way it is’. No matter how much you believe that right now, you wouldn’t be here, reading this, if there wasn’t some small part of you who believes you deserve better. That you can do better.  That you’re meant for more.
Now is the time to listen to that part of yourself.