Beautiful You Life Coaching Academy


Finding the Beautiful You Life Coaching Academy and becoming a life coach changed my life.


Trying to put into words everything coaching has gifted me is not easy.

It has directly and indirectly been the catalyst for some of the most challenging and rewarding experiences, opportunities and growth in my life; not to mention the amazing friendships I have made, people I have met and the community I have found.

Saying “Yes” to that ‘I-don’t-know-where-exactly-this-is-going-and-I’m-freaking-out-a-little-bit-but-I-just-know-I-really-need-to-do-this’ feeling was hands down the bravest and best thing I have EVER done for myself.

If you’re feeling the call to do work with meaning; to contribute more to the world; to use your skills and your love of helping people, then it would be my honour to recommend the Beautiful You Coaching Academy to you.


Why choose Beautiful You Life Coaching Academy for your life coaching certification?

My journey to becoming a life coach started with a car accident. After recovering and doing my personal training certification I found that what I really loved was helping clients with their mindset…I really saw and experienced firsthand that mindset is the first step in creating sustainable change in our lives and that led me to becoming a life coach.

I looked at a lot of life coaching certifications but none of them felt right. It wasn’t until I found Beautiful You that everything clicked into place; and I just knew this was the course for me.

The ethical approach of BYCA to training aware and responsible coaches; the heart-centred approach on getting to the ‘why behind the what’ when working with clients was intrinsic to the coach I wanted to be.

The Beautiful You Life Coaching course blew my mind.

The level of service and support; quality of resources and course content; amount of care, effort and energy put into delivery was so far above and beyond any experience I’ve ever had.  I knew I could ask anything and by the time I graduated I felt confident to coach clients. In fact – I was working with paying clients by the time I graduated.

Through BYCA I have also made some of my closest friends; had the opportunity to learn from the most incredible coaches, including directly from Founder and CEO Julie Parker, one of Australia’s most highly regarded and experienced coaches, and I have learnt SO much about myself.

In fact, I believe in the Beautiful You coaching model and ethos so much, that alongside my own coaching business I now work as a Trainer – meaning I will be supporting you throughout your studies as well as more recently stepping into the role of General Manager for Beautiful You Coaching Academy.

What does this mean? I get to support new life coaches – just like you – as you journey through the course. This work is something I love, and I feel so excited and incredibly grateful that I get to support new trainees and coaches throughout their journey.

What has changed since I completed my life coaching certification?

I get to use my skills and experience every day to do work that fulfils me.

I get to help people live beyond the limitations and labels they can feel trapped by; to see the opportunities and their potential beyond the boxes they feel stuck in and to create powerful changes in their lives or businesses.

I can work from anywhere with my computer and an internet connection.

I use the skills and techniques I learnt as a coach in all parts of my life, every day.

I’ve gone from a girl who felt stuck and trapped. Who was constantly stressing and anxious about what other people thought of me. Who thought I didn’t have that special something that people who actually did the things they dreamt of had.

Now, I’m living a life that feels good and supports me to thrive. Every day I’m taking action and making my vision and dreams my reality.

I get to see and support incredible people throwing off expectations, ‘shoulds’ and ‘I can’ts’ to make the things they dream of happen.

To do the things they’ve always wanted to but haven’t.

To take their lives, to the next level.

And if you’re still here, reading this, then I’m willing to be this is what you want for yourself, too.

If you decide to enrol in the Beautiful You Coaching Academy, I would love to support you on your journey by gifting you these incredible bonuses valued at $2,860:

Access to Your Subconscious Superpowers – valued at $480

My signature course teaches you the foundational mindset practices that will support you to identify and overcome limiting beliefs

You’ll learn how to reprogram your subconscious for more clarity, confidence, self belief so that you can create the life and business you dream of (faster than you think).

Monthly support for the duration of your studies – valued at $880AUD

I’ll be checking in with you each month via email throughout your course to support you in getting the most out of your training. I’ll be there to support you to develop your skills and knowledge, implement your learnings as you become the best coach you can be.

2 x 1:1 Mindset, Magic + Mechanics Coaching Sessions – valued at $1500AUD

We’ll meet for 60 minutes via Zoom for two 1:1 deep dive coaching sessions where we’ll create your own personalised strategy to grow your business. We’ll dive deep to shift mindset blocks that are holding you back and you’ll have the clarity to know exactly what action you need to be taking to grow your coaching business without overwhelm, self-doubt or confusion!


I say this all the time: coaching skills are life skills.


Not only do I have a career and business that I love; my personal life, relationships with others and myself has improved; I’ve done things I’ve never thought possible and I’m part of an incredible and supportive global community!

If you are ready for this too, I would love to support you on your own journey.

How to sign up + access this offer
Ready to sign up through me and receive these bonuses?
It’s easy!

All you need to do is input ‘LAURA BANKS’ in the CODE field when you enrol in the course HERE 

Here’s an image of how you can do it:




Congratulations, you’ve taken your first step to becoming a life coach!

Please note: 

  • If you enter my name in any other area than the one instructed, (which is the code field at your enrolment stage – please see graphic below), or not at all at the exact time of your enrolment, you will not be able to receive my affiliate offerings. This is not something that can be amended at a later time and so please be careful at your sign up stage to do this as I want to be able to support you on your coaching journey!

  • In the interest of transparency, I receive a payment from BYCA whenever someone signs up through me. This allows me to offer you the incredible bonuses I do. But rest assured I would never recommend anything that I don’t 100% believe in, and the value of what I offer you far exceeds the value of the commission I receive.

  • Please also note that you will not receive these bonuses until after the refund period has lapsed for the course.

  • Please reach out to me if you sign up using my name, so that I can support you with monthly check-ins for the duration of your study.
  • Your 1:1 sessions can be scheduled anytime following Module 10 in your course.
  • You will receive access to Your Subconscious Superpowers following completion of Module 7 in your course studies.

  • All affiliate bonuses must be claimed within 6 months after completion of your Beautiful You Coaching Academy course, after which time they will become void.

Have questions?
Don’t hesitate to email me if you have any questions about studying with BYCA or these bonuses at or send me a DM me on Instagram @_laurakbanks