Before I started working with Laura I felt overwhelmed managing ‘parts’ of myself and had some inner-conflict about moving forward with my professional life.

Through our time together Laura helped me uncover and identify stories that were holding me back.

When I identified them I felt like EVERYTHING made sense. I could see how I was subconsciously holding myself back and sabotaging myself. When we shifted and transformed those stories and beliefs using NLP and coaching, my gosh that felt SO illuminating and freeing.

I changed my relationship with my family, I crafted a reframed perspective of my work and business and I released old emotions that I had stored in my body for a very long time.

After each session I felt so much lighter, I had more clarity and I felt more conscious, like I wasn’t letting subconscious programming run the show anymore.

Now I feel so much more aligned and I know where everything ‘fits’ in my life. Work that I wasn’t sure about has its role and I’m clear and grateful for it, rather than feeling resentful. I have a clear direction for where I am going and why.

If you are thinking of working with Laura, don’t hesitate and jump in with both feet!! This work and woman is powerful and could very well change your whole life.

Kate Cashman – The Breath Between

Before I started working with Laura I was struggling with knowing where to start in my business, and feeling overwhelmed with everything that needed to be done. Juggling a business with full time single parenthood and giving my business the energy it needed, whilst honouring my own energy levels and being an engaged parent.

I feel like the whole series with Laura was filled with ah-ha moments. Many of them were around my personal life, and my own character building, which in itself was an ah-ha moment, because it highlighted the connection between my personal experiences, and how this reflects in my business.

I also gained clarity around what I was expecting of myself, and created clear boundaries of what was possible in this current life stage. I feel more confident and motivated to grow my business in line with my lifestyle. I was able to look at where I was putting undue pressure on myself in regards to balancing life priorities, and accepting the process released my creativity.

Now I feel fantastic. I have a clear plan of what I need to work on, and steps to keep moving forward. I know that I have what it takes to create a successful business.

Laura was great at reflecting back to me, and for guiding me with practical resources, as well as emotional support and holding space for me to evolve with my business in every aspect.

I always felt comfortable to share openly, because I was met with genuine positive regard. I felt welcome on every call, and like it was a safe space, just for me, with someone cheering me on and backing me the whole way.

If you are thinking of working with Laura, know that it’s a worthwhile investment, for yourself personally, as well as for your business. Laura shares so generously – her energy, business knowledge and resources.

The fact that Laura doesn’t separate life coaching and business coaching because she understands the symbiotic relationship combined with her skills in business marketing as well as NLP, make this a unique and entirely beneficial experience.

Kerryn Dingey – Forward and Fabulous

Before working with Laura I was struggling with navigating a sea of life changes amongst scaling my business simultaneously

During our series I experienced some massive shifts including a huge shift in mindset, developing an unwavering backing of myself and being able to scale my business whilst navigating the life changes, which has been profound.

I had so many a-ha moments. The main thing for me was how seen, supported, heard and held I felt during our time together. Having that support made me feel like I could move through anything in life and business.

Laura’s depth of knowledge around NLP and the practical exercises we integrated into our sessions were invaluable. In particular, the visualisation exercises and the pinning down my non-negotiables.

Now I feel LIT AF.

Laura is truly a 1 in a million coach. If you get the chance to work with her or you’re feeling a nudge to do so, JUMP RIGHT IN. DO IT DO IT DO IT. You won’t regret it.

Francesca Williams – Death By Lycra Collective

Laura is my business brain and I can say hand-on-heart I would not be where I am today if it wasn’t for her. Laura truly gets my vision for myself and my business and is able to map out what needs to happen and when, to make that vision a reality.

Jade McKenzie – Event Head

When I started coaching with Laura, I felt lost and frustrated. I was desperate for a change, but because I lacked clarity and self-belief, I just couldn’t seem to make things happen on my own. Fear was standing in my way and procrastination was my worst enemy.

But, by the end of our first session, I knew that Laura really understood who I was and what I needed. But she didn’t straight out tell me – using her uncanny ability to ask just the right questions, she helped me to dig deep into my soul and make my own realisations. Allowing me to see that I already knew what I truly wanted and what I had to do to make it all happen was so incredibly powerful… a total game changer.

Laura is such a gorgeous soul. She is positive, genuine and enthusiastic and made me feel so comfortable with her wonderfully warm and caring nature. But don’t be fooled – she is also a total boss when it comes to holding you accountable! She has a beautifully unique way of lovingly steering you away from your BS and whipping you into action. And it’s all served with a massive side of sparkly smiles.

By the end of our time together, I felt an enormous sense of freedom and a massive boost to my self-confidence. I gained clarity not only around what I truly want, but also around who I am and what works best for me. I let go of some long-standing fears, and I am now a pro at using my intuition, setting boundaries with love, making time for myself without guilt and owning my awesome. And most importantly, things are finally happening!

I felt truly grateful to have been able to work with such an incredible coach, and can’t recommend her highly enough.

Jacky Taylor – Slow and Simple Co

I absolutely loved my coaching series with Laura and got so much out of it in both my life and business.  When I started working with Laura I felt overwhelmed and I was struggling to put my vision into words and action. I was also putting a lot of pressure on myself to implement a daily self-care routine.

In her quiet, but real and caring way, Laura helped me get crystal clear on my big picture vision for both my business and my life; and to break my vision down into manageable steps and create a plan to make it happen.

With Laura’s help I created a step by step plan to action them which resulted in me ticking off some to-do’s that had been hanging over my head for what felt like forever.

Laura helped me realise that I actually already had self-care practices that made me feel taken care of and fulfilled and that a lot of what I was feeling I needed to do was based on what I thought I ‘should’ be doing rather then what I wanted to be doing. Laura held the space for me to explore this and gently guided me to acknowledge this.

I think one of Laura’s greatest skills as coach is her ability to help you break things down so you can see what the next steps available to you are, and guide you to take action because it feels good and right for you- not because you feel like you have to do something a certain way.

Laura filled our sessions with celebration, love, support and encouragement; seeing myself set and achieve tasks and acknowledge my current achievements combined with her beautiful energy saw my self-belief grow immensely. Having Laura as my coach and cheerleader is one of the best decisions I’ve made and will be one of yours too.

Amy Mackenzie – Designing Her Life

I feel so privileged to have had the opportunity to work with Laura. Working through the life coaching process with Laura was one of the most uncomfortable and challenging things I have ever done and to say I was sceptical at the start would be an understatement.

In hindsight however, it has been one of the most rewarding and life changing experiences and something I wish I had got on board with a long time ago.

Laura has a unique ability to ask the most pertinent and challenging questions that tested all my long-held beliefs, behaviours and habits (some of which I didn’t even know about!), all the while with a smile on her dial. This questioning process really helped me realise just how unhelpful some of my thinking was and the negative impact those thought processes and cycles were having on my life and the decisions I was making.

Laura challenged me to push my boundaries and develop a whole other consciousness about how I interpret the world around me and my part in it.

When I looked back at my starting questionnaire from the beginning of coaching process I hardly recognised that person and am shocked I allowed myself to sink into that negative cycle.

Now I feel way more confident about the direction I’m heading in and now realise the only person holding me back before, was me.

I never cease to be amazed at how much I refer back to my notes from our conversations and some of the questions that were asked of me during those sessions which were super challenging at the time. These have really helped me to make better and choices and set goals for the right reasons for myself and it is getting easier for me to challenge myself in positive ways rather than punishing myself.

Working through this process with Laura has absolutely been one of the most awesome experiences and even though I found it pretty tough and confronting at times- there were plenty of laughs along the way.  Laura is an amazing coach who brings an authentic and positive energy to process- knowing you can achieve things even before you do!

Petrina, Australia

I just want to say a huge thank you as your email and advice has hugely helped.

I guess I am super nervous but then I read your blog post today and I know deep down I’m thrilled we’re giving it all a go and I have a focus.

Laura, Ireland

I was incredibly lucky to spend an hour with Laura which filled me with a huge amount of confidence to manage my time, my business and my life.

I came to Laura with panic around starting my business along with a full time job. Laura calmed my nerves and gave me some fantastic suggestions around managing my time and making the most of it.

Laura’s energy is contagious and her passion for coaching and helping her clients achieve their very best is outstanding. I cannot wait to work with Laura again in the future!

Alyssa, Australia

It was a really wonderful experience working with you – it is so evident how passionate you are about helping people tap into their heart centers and figure out their true blocks to change.

The thing that stuck with me the most from our session was the realisation that I’ve been focusing so much on not over emphasising physical change and making sure that I valued the changes I had been making in my life beyond the physical that I wasn’t allowing myself to feel the valid desire to lose weight and see physical changes in my body as well as mental/emotional ones. To be able to own that in tandem with my mental/emotional goals has been huge for me.

Also, to realise that I’ve still been carrying such limiting beliefs about what my body can do! Your emphasis on reminding myself how far I’ve come was a big wake-up call. Like, if I’ve been able to change so many things on such a large scale, why would I not believe that more good things are possible for me?!

Mary, USA