Starting your own business is a roller coaster ride...amIright?!?

  • Selling your services makes you so nervous, let alone thinking about finding a consistent flow of clients.

  • You've downloaded all the freebies & invested in all the programs, but you're still not taking consistent action, or seeing results.
  • Limiting beliefs like ‘I’m not good enough’ or 'I don't have anything of value to share' start creeping in.

  • You feel overwhelmed. You're constantly stressing out and worried you're making stupid mistakes.

  • There’s so much to do & so many moving pieces. Websites, mailing lists & social media, all before you’ve even started working with clients.

  • You’re constantly doubting and comparing yourself. Questioning if you’ve really got what it takes to get clients and build an abundant business.

Ok Lovely, stop for a moment.

Take a deep breath in [hold it]...

And let it all out, now.

An easeful & successful business is possible for you.

Imagine how amazing you'll feel when...

  • You're confidently working with paying clients.

  • You’re building momentum in a way that is sustainable (no burn out here), works with your life & creates a consistent flow of clients.

  • You’re clear on your offers & how to powerfully share them.

  • You have solid foundations & systems in your business that allow you to thrive, without overwhelm.

  • You're in consistent action. You know exactly what you need to do to achieve your vision & goals for your business.

  • You’re walking your own path, defining success on your own terms & claiming it for yourself.

In short: you're seeing results.

You know exactly what to do to bring your business to life and you're doing it.

Introducing the Expand & Elevate New Business Mastermind

Six months of 1:1 mindset and business coaching support in a small group so you can step into your business with clarity, confidence and the tangible action steps to bring your vision to life.

This experience is for you if you’re ready to take action.

Why the Elevate & Expand New Business Mastermind is
the answer you've been looking for:

Over the past six years I’ve worked with hundreds of new coaches at all stages of business and what I’ve found is this:

While there is no one-size fits all strategy to create a successful business there are five elements that are the difference that makes a difference in creating a business that is fulfilling, that has momentum, is sustainable and achieves the results you want, in a way that feels good.

  • An intentional plan and strategy that is unique to each individual and their needs and plays to their strengths, while at the same time growing their business.

  • A commitment to mindset work, supporting themselves and their vision.

  • Accountability to do the work required (whether that's internal mindset work or external 'mechanics' of implementing strategy).

  • Support from someone to hold space for them to step out of being 'in' their business, to help them see what they can't see for themselves, to hold them in their highest potential.

  • Community - a network of peers on their own, similar journey, to share highs and lows, encourage one another, celebrate and grow together.

I’ve seen too many women in the first 1-3 years of business burnout, self-sabotage, procrastinate, and stay stuck in inaction because they’re missing these five elements.

That’s why I created this mastermind tailored specifically for you.

Using my extensive training in mindset, 15-plus years in business along with everything I've learnt over the past six-plus years as a mindset, business and life coach, I've created my signature Mindset, Magic and Mechanics framework.

The Expand & Elevate New Business Mastermind takes you through this framework, supporting you to grow an easeful and successful business in a way that serves your unique business dreams.

Here's how I support you to build your easeful & successful new business:

Here is what the Elevate & Expand New Business Mastermind could look like for you

Imagine that you...

  • Are calling in ideal clients and making money from work you LOVE doing.

  • Have launched your signature offers and created a repeatable system to generate clients in a way that feels really good for you.

  • Have built the foundations for your successful business in a way that honours your unique way of doing life and business.

  • Have set-up your website, back-end-systems including your mailing list and client management processes.

  • Know how your business fits in with your life in a way that is fulfilling and sustainable.

  • Feel confident having sales conversations and complimentary consults.

  • Have a toolkit and simple daily practices that help elevate your mindset so you can step into your next level of your business.

"When I started working with Laura I was lacking confidence in my own ability and I was scared to start an online coaching business.

When I look back I can see how Laura is the perfect combination of mindset and business coaching. While we worked through some of the big mindset blocks and beliefs I had Laura was also able to help me with the tangible steps and strategy of setting up my business in a way that works for me and my lifestyle. 

Honestly, working with Laura was nothing short of amazing, productive, inspiring and empowering. I went from being too scared to jump into my dream and passion at the beginning of my time with Laura to working with clients at the end of my time. When you engage Laura for her services, you just keep climbing to the next level. The power of her kind nature mixed with her expertise will help you step into your dreams and greatest potential. 

- Zoe Jackson, A Mental Note

Let's breakdown what's included in your six month mastermind experience

  • An initial group workshop where we clarify your vision for our six months together and begin to map out your unique strategy and plan.

  • 12 x fortnightly group coaching calls with 1:1 coaching to support you with mindset, strategy and action.

  • Dedicated private Facebook group. Your very own community and the support of like minded women as you bring your vision to life.

  • Every second week you can submit any content you’re working on for my review and feedback (e.g. website copy, new offerings, opt-ins).

  • Voxer passes - reach out to me via Voxer (a free voice memo and texting app) for additional support at two different times during the mastermind.

  • Resources, templates, recordings and training to step you through the practicalities of building your business, without overwhelm and stress.

Having the support and guidance of an experienced life and business coach, Master NLP Practitioner and business owner (that’s me!), plus the community and sisterhood from your fellow sisters will help you to step into your easeful, abundant and successful business, your way.

Wondering if this is for you?

The Expand & Elevate Mastermind is right for you if you...

  • Are in the early stages of starting your business or are the first 1-2 years in and are ready to (finally) claim your calling as a coach.

  • Feel overwhelmed by all the information out're looking for guidance and 1:1 support from an experienced business owner and coach who gets it and can help you get the results you want.

  • Are ready for your first (or more consistent) paying clients and income.

  • Over letting self-doubt, overwhelm and comparison stop you from being more visible and stepping into your business.

  • Want to find a way of doing business that feels aligned and easeful, that flows for you and your energy - in other words that feels good.

  • Know you’ve got some mindset work to do to ditch limiting beliefs that are holding you back and keeping you in inaction.

  • Craving community and connection, and can’t wait to be part of a deeply supportive sisterhood.

Hi! I'm Laura.

An internationally-certified business and mindset coach, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner, speaker and workshop presenter, Laura believes that transformation starts on the inside.

If you’ve got that feeling that you’re meant for me, that you’re being called to stop playing small and whole-heartedly step into the vision you have for your business, Laura is here to help you make it happen.

Laura has worked with hundreds of clients from brand-new to seven figure businesses from around the world, helping them create the business, impact and income they desire in a way that supports them to feel really freaking good, enjoy the journey and get results.

With her signature blend of mindset mastery and business strategy, Laura is passionate about working with women coaches, creatives, healers and consultants who are in the first 1-3 years of creating and growing their service-based business.

Laura has been featured in publications including the Sunday Age Sunday Life Magazine, the Sydney Morning Herald and Good Health Magazine. She is also a regular guest presenter in the area of mindset and subconscious transformation at workshops, online courses and events, and a coach trainer with the Beautiful You Coaching Academy.

Your vision isn’t meant to stay in your head, or heart. It’s time to start living it.

"When I started working with Laura I had a dream of starting my own business and was studying life coaching, but I had so much fear. I was scared to put my hand up on a call, I had no self-belief, I lacked confidence, was afraid to be seen and to voice my opinion. I was a total people pleaser.

Throughout our coaching together I had so many A-Ha moments and breakthroughs.  Laura held space for me that was safe, calm, fun and powerful and that allowed me to step into my dreams and let go of the limiting beliefs and stories I had about why I couldn’t do what I really wanted to.

Words cannot describe the way I feel, but I can say without a doubt that I have claimed who I am and stepped into my truth, shifted the limiting beliefs I had. I have been able to show my true authentic self on social media with confidence. I’ve started working with coaching clients, grown a community, left my corporate job and so much more. I have shifted my mindset from constantly comparing myself to knowing that when those feelings appear, all I need to do is step back in my lane. I feel like my voice is now heard and it feels incredible. I’m so grateful to be where I am right now."

- Tracy Ward

A final note from Laura

I see so many women who are starting out on the business journey with an incredible vision for themselves and their business. I see their deep passion for the people they're going to serve and the difference they're going to make.

But I also see them feeling stuck. Not good enough. Afraid to get started because they might fail.

I see you in your full potential. It's my role to hold you in that. I know it for you.

Who you are right now, isn't who you'll be at the end of our time together.

It's time, lovely. No more playing small.

No more letting self doubt, self-sabotage, procrastination or limiting beliefs like ‘I’m not good enough’ hold you back.

You have this vision for your business because it is here to be lived. It's not here to stay in your head or your heart.

You've got this. And I've got you.

Let's make it happen.