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In last week’s video, I shared some of my favourite tips and exercises you can use to get clear on and (re)connect with your big, beautiful vision.

So what happens once you’ve got that vision? Truth be told, for a lot of people they spend time crafting a beautiful vision that gives them that fizzyheart feeling; then it sits on their desk/wall/gets shoved in a drawer for six months until they dig it out to look at it again.

If they’re lucky they might be a bit closer to making that vision their reality. But they might not be too.

So how can we make sure we stay connected to our vision?

The power in having a beautiful, clear vision and staying connected to it, is in using it daily.

In this weeks video I share four ways you can use your vision as a daily tool to make decisions, take action and embrace change in your life.

Using your vision as a daily tool doesn’t have to be onerous. It doesn’t take long, in fact you can incorporate it as part of your moment-to-moment decision-making process. The pay-offs in doing so are significant.

When the actions you take and the decisions you make are all done with the intention of aligning more closely with your vision then step-by-step, choice-by-choice, action-by-action your vision will become your reality.

So! If you’re ready to start making your vision a reality, I’d love for you to share with me below where in your life you can start to make changes right now to align your life more closely with your vision.

Also: do you know when you sign up to become a member of my community each month you’ll have the opportunity to ask questions, seek advice, share anywhere you’re feeling STUCK with me and I record an episode of Action Makes Awesomesauce to answer your questions.

The aim: a coaching shot of clarity to get you moving forwards.

That’s access to free coaching, answering YOUR questions and helping YOU move forwards. Every month.

Want in? You can find out more over here or simply fill in your details below and you’ll get sent a link where you can submit your questions.

See you next week,

Lau xxx

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