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Time to Party!

You’re reading part three of an epic series about our wedding.

You can read part 1 – getting ready over here.

You can read part 2 – ceremony and photos here.

While we were off having photos, our guests had drinks and canapés on the verandah and lawns of the venue.

Rolling with our theme of fun, Oz’s brother had made us a giant Jenga set, and we’d set out ten pin bowls and other outdoor games.

I’d ordered some ribbon wands and flags on Etsy for people to wave instead of throwing confetti. They were a hit, and the ribbon wands were also a popular accessory for interpretive dance on the dance floor later in the evening.


The lovely Kristy from The Twisting Tree potted a whole lot of succulents into tins that we spray painted in bright colours. We set them out along the tables and all throughout the venue.




We kept formalities to a minimum – both our Dad’s said a few words, then Oz and I gave a short speech (which we forgot, so it was even shorter than we intended!).

We had long banquet tables set up and decided not to have a seating plan. People were able to sit wherever they liked. This worked really well as our friends and family all met and mingled together.

Food was all local and served family-style on platters in the middle of the table  for people to help themselves. We had ice cream sundaes for dessert (my favourite!) and our wedding cake was a stack of different cheeses.


After dinner we moved into the hall for our first dance. For ages Oz and I had planned to do a proper first dance together, but between finishing our renovations, selling the house and moving over Christmas, we left it to the last minute to organise lessons.

We ended up squeezing in three lessons the week before the wedding, and managed to pull off a pretty entertaining dance (so we’ve been told!). We started off doing a traditional bridal waltz to What A Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong before it scratched to a stop….then switched to Can’t Get Enough of You Baby by Smash Mouth.

Before we hit the dance floor I got changed into my dancing outfit, so I could bust a move  without worrying about my dress!!


Right from the beginning we knew we wanted to have a photo booth, but being on an island was logistically a bit tricky to hire one. So we ended up setting up our own, using the DIY Wedding app on my ipad, which connected via bluetooth to the printer so people could print their photos.

The photo booth was a hit – it went off all night! – and the best thing is as well as printing out heaps of photos we have the electronic copies forever now too!


Our ‘wedding cake’ was made of four different types of cheese wheels, and went down a treat – especially as the night went on – it was great for people to be able to have a break from the dance floor and grab some cheese and nibbles.


At the end of the night we went back to our accommodation with some friends, and finished the night with a cheeky glass of red and some more cheese in front of the fire.

Whew! That wraps up the epic round-up of our wedding. We had such a blast, we really loved celebrating with our friends and family in a way that felt true to who we are.

I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing all our photos – if you have any questions sing out below!


L xxx

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