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Mindset, Magic + Mechanics Masterclass.

Learn the powerful three-step formula to ditch self-doubt,
claim your vision and bring it to life in a BIG way.


What makes Mindset, Magic + Mechanics different?

It gives you practical tools you can implement easily to quickly experience tangible results.

You can apply this formula to any stage of your business or any part of your life. Just starting out in your business? Implementing this formula will set you up with the foundation to thrive. Have a project or goal in another part of your life? This formula will help you make it happen.

It takes into account your own way of doing life or business. No cookie-cutter formulas or ‘Follow these six steps to success’ bullshit here.

Ditch the comparison or stories you’re telling yourself about having to follow certain steps to get the results you want.

Mindset, Magic + Mechanics gives you everything you need to achieve the results you want in a way that plays to your unique strengths, preferences and vision for your life and biz. 

This Masterclass will teach you:

  • The one question you need to ask to identify the beliefs or stories that are holding you back and stopping you from experiencing the results you want.

  • How to navigate the emotional rollercoaster of bringing your vision to life and not be derailed by negative emotions like fear, self-doubt and failure.

  • How to deeply embody your vision on the subconscious level (where 95% of our thinking occurs)

  • How to easily identify (and take!) the action you need to make your vision come to life in a BIG way that feels deliciously easeful and fun.

How It Works:


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Join me live on Friday 20 October at 10am AEST (or you can watch it back later) and work through the prompts to apply the Mindset, Magic + Mechanics formula to step into your vision in a bold, impactful and easeful way that feels good AND gets results!


Meet Laura

An internationally-certified life, business and mindset coach, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner, speaker and workshop presenter, Laura believes that transformation starts on the inside.

If you’ve got that feeling that you’re meant for me, that you’re being called to stop playing small and whole-heartedly step into the vision you have for your life or business, Laura is here to help you make it happen.

She has helped thousands of clients from around the world redefine success on their terms, get clear on what they want, challenge their limitations to go beyond what they think they’re capable of, develop rock-solid self-belief and take action to make their vision a reality, in both business and life.

Laura has been featured in publications including the Sunday Age Sunday Life Magazine, the Sydney Morning Herald and Good Health Magazine. She is also a regular guest presenter in the area of mindset and subconscious transformation at workshops, online courses and events, and a coach trainer with the Beautiful You Coaching Academy.

Laura has studied all things mindset and subconscious for over six years now. She has applied what she's learnt in her own life and taken the best and most powerful tools to now empower others through her 1:1 and group coaching, speaking and workshops.

There are three things I want you to know:

Because you have the vision and dreams you have, they're meant for you.

You’re not meant to keep your vision and your dream in your heart or your head. You’re meant to create and live it, and in doing so share it with others.

If you’re holding yourself back, sabotaging, doubting yourself or procrastinating on taking action towards making those vision and dreams your reality, it doesn't mean there's something wrong with you.

Your mindset, energy and strategy is simply out of alignment.

In life or business, the key to making the results you dream of your reality is that your mindset, your energy and the action you take must be in alignment.

Each pillar works to support the others and allows you to bring your vision to life in a BIG way, that feels good and faster than you think. 

Are you ready to ditch self-doubt, claim your vision and bring it to life in a BIG way?

If you don't back yourself to bring your vision to life now, when will you? If it isn't the right time to start or grow your beautiful business, step into your dream career, write the book or run the race now, when will it be?

The Mindset, Magic + Mechanics Method isn't about hustling harder but about finding your own unique recipe and style that supports you to bring your vision to life in a way that feels good and creates the results you desire.

The free Mindset, Magic & Mechanics Masterclass will give you the three-step formula to claim your vision and take the action you need to bring it to life.

Join me for this free masterclass on
Tuesday, 20 October at 10:00am AEST.