Potent and powerful 60 minute sessions to help you create momentum and thrive, not just survive in a rapidly changing world.


The truth is, we live in a rapidly changing world.

Let’s be honest, I don’t think ANY of us predicted we’d be here even six months ago. #amiright

Maybe you’re feeling overwhelmed… everything you were working towards feels like it’s been thrown out the window and you have to start again. 

Or maybe you’re feeling paralysed, not even sure what you should be thinking, how you should be feeling or what to do next.

Or perhaps you can see that you now have an opportunity – the chance to hit reset and create the life, career or business you’ve always secretly dreamed of but have never been able to make happen.

The only problem is that:

// Every time you turn on the news and check your social media it’s all doom and gloom and before you know it you’re an anxious blob hiding in bed.

// The fear factor is HIGH. While part of you knows that right now is a great time to be taking action and invest in your mindset and vision, the other part of you is focused on surviving, just getting through each day without freaking out too much about isolation life, and worrying about what the future holds.

// You know you need to pivot your business, to find new ways to serve your clients and keep up with these changing times…but when you try to think about what to do next your mind goes blank. It’s too overwhelming.

// There’s a running soundtrack in your head, a voice that says ‘you always struggle to make ends meet or create what you want, and what’s happening now is just another example of exactly that.

// You know what you need to do, you just can’t seem to do it. Even though deep down there is part of you that wants to use this time to start towards a new career, set up different systems and new services in your business or show up differently for yourself you still spend most of the day raiding the fridge, scrolling instagram and binging on netflix.

// Deep down you believe it isn’t possible for you to survive and thrive during times like this, and the fact that you secretly dream of doing so when so many other people are struggling makes you a horrible person.

Here’s the great thing about the way you’re feeling and where you’re at right now: you don’t have to stay there.

I know you want something MORE for yourself than what you’ve got right now. And I know you can get it.

Imagine how amazing it will feel when:

// You’ve said see you later to feelings of anxiety and overwhelm and instead wake up each day feeling calm and grounded.

// You have a solid plan to move forwards in your business, with a bunch of ideas to show up and serve your ideal clients, generate income and feel good while doing so.

// You’ve kicked self-sabotage to the kerb.

// You’ve got a solid and aligned strategy to pivot your business and show up in a way the feels good AND gets results

// You’ve gotten rid of that negative voice in your head and have a mindset that supports you to create the results you want in ANY part of your life.

// You’re clear on what your vision is – in any part of your life, career or business – and what you need to do to get there.

// I’m doing something I’ve never done before, and offering single session packages at a very special price to help support you to thrive in life or business.



There are two packages for you to choose from:

The Pivot Package

The Pivot Package is perfect for business owners who need some help generating ideas and a practical action-plan to help them thrive during this time of change.

Utilising 15+ years experience in business from start-ups to multi-7 figures we’ll develop ways to help pivot your business to achieve your desired outcomes.

After working together in this session you could have:

// Developed new and different ways to serve your clients

// Developed new ways to generate income

// Have a plan to transitioning to online business

// Know what you need to do to set yourself up for success

So, what can a Pivot Package actually look like?

Chelsea is a client of mine who runs a successful hair salon. Because she’s no longer able to offer in-person sessions we brainstormed what her clients’ needs are and came up with an online Root Touch-Up service. Clients can have a consult with their hairdresser, collect their custom colour kit (contact-free) at the designated time, and follow the simple step-by-step video tutorials to touch-up their hair colour, with salon-grade products in the safety and comfort of their own home.

Peter has run in-person corporate coaching, HR, Rehab and Employee Assistance Programs for many years. After a Pivot Package session he had a list of online workshops, resources and webinars tailored to his clients needs and a streamlined process to continue client sessions online as well as support his many corporate clients and their workforce transition to working online from home.


The Pathway Package

The Pathway Package is perfect for you if you’re in a space of transition and feeling overwhelmed or stuck in a loop of negative thinking that’s making you feel like, well, shit, and stopping you from moving forwards.

You do not have to be a business owner to benefit from a Pathway Package session.

Using a range of modalities and techniques we’ll identify and release the biggest deeply held (unconscious) belief, habit or emotion that is holding you back and program your mindset with supportive thoughts and habits so you can thrive.

Here is what is included in each package:

// A comprehensive Pre-Coaching Questionnaire: this helps clarify what we will work on during our time together.

// 1 x 60-minute intensive video or voice call (you choose), where we dive deep into your questionnaire

// 1 week of post session support via Voxer (this is a free app that acts like a walkie-talkie) 

Plus: having the support of an internationally certified and highly experienced life and business coach and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner will help you up-level your life and turbo-charge the shifts you know you need to make to live a life that feels good and gets results.

BONUS: You’ll also receive a bonus audio recording to support you to discover the inner and outer action you need to take to achieve the results you want in life or business and integrate the techniques from my 4-part Master Your Mindset audio training. While the audio training is free, this bonus recording is only available when you purchase a package.

The truth is, our thoughts are the most powerful tool we have at this time. Choosing how you think, and using the power of your subconscious to support you to think and show up in ways that support you during this time is more important now than ever before.

Are you ready to thrive, not just survive?



These packages are for you if:

// You’re ready to empower yourself with the knowledge and tools to create the results you want to experience in life or business.

// You’re committed to taking action.

// You know you’ve been holding yourself back in some way and you’re ready for a powerful shot of 1:1 support to help propel you forward.

// You’re ready to ditch the negative self-talk so you can show up and thrive both now and into the future.

// You’re ready for some targeted and powerful 1:1 business coaching support to help you map out actions and a way forward that feels good AND gets results.


Sound like you?


These sessions are available at a very special reduced rate to support you through this time.
In fact, I have NEVER offered sessions for as low as this.
Buy a single Pivot Package OR Pathway Package for $99.
Need both mindset and business coaching support?
Purchase both a Pivot Package AND a Pathway Package for the discounted rate of $149


All prices are in AUD, GST is added for Australian residents


Still not sure? Hear what some of my clients have achieved:

Before I started working with Laura I felt overwhelmed managing ‘parts’ of myself and had some inner-conflict about moving forward with my professional life.

Through our time together Laura helped me uncover and identify stories that were holding me back. When I identified them I felt like EVERYTHING made sense.

I could see how I was subconsciously holding myself back. When we shifted and transformed those stories and beliefs my gosh that felt SO illuminating and freeing.

Now I feel so much more aligned and I know where everything ‘fits’ in my life. I have a clear direction for where I am going and why.

If you are thinking of working with Laura, don’t hesitate and jump in with both feet!! This work and woman is powerful and could very well change your whole life.

Kate Cashman – The Breath Between


Laura is my business brain and I can say hand-on-heart I would not be where I am today if it wasn’t for her. Laura truly gets my vision for myself and my business and is able to map out what needs to happen and when, to make that vision a reality.
Jade McKenzie – Event Head


This is it. Your time is now.