Let's be honest. 2020 has been a year...

I'm pretty sure none of us pictured it turning out the way it has. It's been unpredictable, turbulent and, I don't know about you, but at times it's felt really heavy.

And while in some ways it's felt like it's dragged on, at the same time...all of a sudden here we are...rapidly coming to the end of this BIG year, where so much has shifted.

As more of the conversations I'm having look to 2021, I'm seeing incredible women, just like you, struggling to tap into their biggest, boldest dreams and vision for next year.

Struggling because you're tired. I know you've held a LOT this year. Emotionally. Energetically. You've navigated a LOT. Lock down, changes in work, home-schooling, being unable to see family and loved ones and so much more.

Struggling because the reality of 2020 was so wildly different from the vision and intentions you set way back in January, you're not even sure where to begin (or how *big*) to dream for 2021. Who the hell knows what will happen next year...

Yet you're still here. You're still showing up for yourself in whatever ways you can. And honey, before we even go any further, let's take a moment and celebrate the f*&k out of you for that.

I created this offering because it's my mission to help

you rise into your 2021 vision in a way that feels really, deliciously, good.

Because while we can't control what life will look like in 2021, you still have the opportunity to be intentional AF about your future vision


Release, Reclaim and Rise

A potent 1:1 session using powerful coaching, subconscious transformation and embodiment practices to help you release the weight of 2020 so you can reclaim your energy, unlock ultimate vision for 2021 and embody it deeply at a cellular level i.e. in a way the transforms your life. Forever.

After Release, Reclaim and Rise you will have...

  • Released the emotional and energetic weight of 2020 so you're free to move into 2021 feeling expansive and in alignment with your vision.

  • Unlocked your deepest dreams and vision for 2021, you'll have tapped in and embodied them in a powerful way, encoding them into your subconscious and cells at the deepest (and most transformative) level.

  • Released (at the subconscious level) any beliefs that are not serving you to rise into your vision.

  • Clarity on the immediate next steps forward for you to start to bring your vision to life (in a way that feels deliciously easeful).

  • A powerful process to take with you into 2021 to support you to tap into the energy of your vision and know your next step, no matter what is going on around you.

Think of the Release, Reclaim and Rise experience like a spring-clean for your subconscious.

We're only consciously aware of around 5% of our thoughts. The other 95% happens below our conscious awareness, in our subconscious.

Our subconscious is the storehouse for our emotions and feelings, beliefs, intuition, imagination, values and habits.

In Release, Reclaim and Rise I use a range of powerful techniques based in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming). If you haven't heard of NLP before, it's a modality that uses our neurology and language to help us understand our subconscious and tap into the beliefs, feelings and emotions that are running there, automatically under the surface without our conscious awareness of them.

Using specific techniques (that are similar to a guided visualisation) we can use the *language* of the subconscious and the way our brains code and store information to shift and change beliefs that no longer serve us, release and clear emotion we've been holding onto, tap deeply into our intuition and vision for the future and integrate it at the subconscious level so we're in alignment with it, even without having to consciously think about it.

When you have deeply integrated your vision at the subconscious level and embodied it in your cells, your inner world is so powerfully aligned with your vision that effortlessly guides the actions you take in the outer world.

In other words: your internal world (the way you think and feel and your beliefs) will guide the actions you take to create your experience of the outer world: always.

Here's what is included in the
Release, Reclaim and Rise experience

  • 1 x pre-session clarity pack - these powerful prompts will gift you insights before we even begin working together & allow us to make the most of our time together (value $99)

  • 1 x deep diving, potent 1:1 session over zoom where I will guide you through releasing what is no longer serving you, reclaiming and embodying your most aligned and expansive vision for 2021 (value $750)

  • A personalised guided hypnosis track to support you to continue to tap into your vision and embody it at the subconscious level (value $199)

Are you ready to rise into your most expansive and aligned vision for 2021?​​

The total value of the Release, Reclaim and Rise experience is $1048.

In recognition of how hard 2020 has been for so many people, I am offering
10 of these sessions at a special rate of $349 or 2 x fortnightly payments of $192.

(all prices are in AUD and include GST)

Pay in full
1 x payment of $349 AUD

Payment Plan
2 x fortnightly payments of $192 AUD


Your vision isn’t meant to stay in your head, or heart.
It’s time to start living it.

Hi! I'm Laura.

An internationally-certified mindset, business and life coach, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner, speaker and workshop presenter, I believe that transformation starts on the inside.

If you’ve got that feeling that you’re meant for more, that you’re being called to stop playing small and whole-heartedly step into the vision you have for your life or business, I'm here to help you make it happen.

Over the past six years I've helped hundreds of clients from around the world redefine success on their terms, get clear on what they want, challenge their limitations to go beyond what they think they’re capable of, develop rock-solid self-belief and take action to make their vision a reality. I've helped clients start businesses and get their first clients, scale to six and multi-six figures, step into their dream careers, up-level their relationships and so much more.

I've been featured in publications including the Sunday Age Sunday Life Magazine, the Sydney Morning Herald and Good Health Magazine. I'm also a regular guest presenter in the area of mindset and subconscious transformation at workshops, online courses and events, and a coach trainer with the Beautiful You Coaching Academy.

"When I started working with Laura I had a dream of starting my own business and was studying life coaching, but I had so much fear. I was scared to put my hand up on a call, I had no self-belief, I lacked confidence, was afraid to be seen and to voice my opinion. I was a total people pleaser.

Throughout our coaching together I had so many A-Ha moments and breakthroughs.  Laura held space for me that was safe, calm, fun and powerful and that allowed me to step into my dreams and let go of the limiting beliefs and stories I had about why I couldn’t do what I really wanted to.

Words cannot describe the way I feel, but I can say without a doubt that I have claimed who I am and stepped into my truth, shifted the limiting beliefs I had. I have been able to show my true authentic self on social media with confidence. I’ve started working with coaching clients, grown a community, left my corporate job and so much more. I have shifted my mindset from constantly comparing myself to knowing that when those feelings appear, all I need to do is step back in my lane. I feel like my voice is now heard and it feels incredible. I’m so grateful to be where I am right now."

- Tracy Ward


When can I book my session?

I have session times available throughout November/December 2020 and January 2021.

I'm not a coach and don't have my own business, can I still book a session?

Absolutely yes! These sessions are suitable for life or business. You don't have to be a coach or have a business to benefit from releasing 2020 and embodying your vision for 2021!

What happens once I book?

Once you click on the book session button, you'll be taken to my appointment calendar where you can complete payment and book in for your session.

Can I gift a session to someone else?

You're absolutely welcome to do this, however it is important when gifting an experience to someone that it is something that they really want, not just something you are wanting to give to them, so I do ask you to check with them first rather than surprising them with it. If they are 100% on board and in alignment then I would love to work with them and would be happy to organise a Gift Voucher. Simply email me at hello (at) laurabanks.com.au

Do you offer refunds if I change my mind?

I don't offer refunds for single session experiences like this. You are welcome to reschedule your session if you cancel with 24+ hours notice, or transfer your session to someone else. If you would like to do this please email me at hello (at) laurabanks.com.au and we can arrange this.

A final note from me...

Every day, I see so many women put everyone and everything around them first, before acknowledging their own incredible vision. This year, more than ever.

I know this year has called on so many of us to reach deep within ourselves and draw on our resilience. To deal with the unexpected. To constantly adjust to changing circumstances. To *just survive*.

But you’re meant for more than that.
You’re meant to thrive. 

I see you in your full potential. I’m here to hold you in that. I know it for you.

Let’s reset your nervous system, release the weight of 2020 and reclaim your vision so you can rise into it.

2021 can be the year you embody your vision at the deepest level, so it’s a part of you. Not something that’s separate from you. It’s woven into your thoughts, your actions and who you’re BEing.

Your vision is here to be lived. It's not here to stay in your head or your heart.

It’s time to rise into your most expansive and aligned 2021.

Let's do this.

"When I started working with Laura I was lacking confidence in my own ability and I was scared to start an online coaching business.

When I look back I can see how Laura is the perfect combination of mindset and business coaching. While we worked through some of the big mindset blocks and beliefs I had Laura was also able to help me with the tangible steps and strategy of setting up my business in a way that works for me and my lifestyle. 

Honestly, working with Laura was nothing short of amazing, productive, inspiring and empowering. I went from being too scared to jump into my dream and passion at the beginning of my time with Laura to working with clients at the end of my time. When you engage Laura for her services, you just keep climbing to the next level. The power of her kind nature mixed with her expertise will help you step into your dreams and greatest potential. 

- Zoe Jackson, A Mental Note