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It’s time to go next level!

Life Coaching Business Strategy

Hello + welcome!


It feels sssoooo good to finally be here, introducing you to my refreshed online home. If you’ve been here before a lot has changed since you were last here + I can’t wait to show you around. There’s new ways to work together; a library of life-hacks to help you be (even) more awesome + vlogs galore!


This has been a long-time coming + if I’m honest I’m sure it won’t be the last time things change around here.


Because that’s just it, right? As we go through life we’re constantly learning, growing + evolving, so it makes sense that how we can best serve will change + evolve too.


And let me tell you…there has been a LOT of change in my life + biz since I first showed up around here.


In the last two years I’ve:

  • Fully renovated and sold our house with my husband
  • Bought an old school bus to convert into a tiny house (that project’s currently ongoing!)
  • Got married!
  • Trained for and competed in my first half-ironman
  • Started doing some consulting work
  • Become a certified Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner
  • Co-founded + launched a business before making the decision to step aside + focus on other opportunities
  • Travelled around Australia + overseas to NZ, Thailand, Japan + London
  • And loads more!


Throughout all of these experiences I’ve kept coaching + I’ve loved it.


But I’ve always felt there was a whole skill set, expertise + experience gained from my career that would be valuable to the people + businesses that I love to work with; I just hadn’t figured out how to deliver it.


Well, I’m excited to say that now I have!


Now, I’ve finally found that sweet spot that combines all of my skills + experience to help you take your life or biz next level.


Because if there is one thing that I’ve learnt over the past few years it’s that transformation + making your dreams and vision your reality is absolutely possible.

You can live beyond the limitations you feel trapped by.

You can explore + reach your potential.

You can take your life + business next level.

This isn’t about putting pressure on yourself or comparing yourself to others.


This is about you; discovering what you truly want. Committing to it even when you’re not sure if it’s possible or it forces you outside of your comfort zone.


This is about you asking for + creating something new – or different – instead of accepting what is when it doesn’t feel right.


This is about you busting through your limitations + exploring potential (both yours + your businesses!).


This is about you admitting to yourself that you’re ready to step up + go big + committing to doing it.


So please, dive in + see what’s new!


Make sure you join The Team and sign up to The Vault – a FREE library full of life-hacks, tools + resources to help you take your life + biz next level.


I’ve got a bunch of new videos coming out on the blog over the next few months.


There are new ways to work together via life coaching; goal, vision or project coaching and next level business consulting.


All of this is aimed at using my skills + experience to help you find your sweet spot and take your life or business next level.


I’d love to hear what you think – + if there is something you’d like help with or somewhere you’re stuck, hit me up + let me know so we can get your moving again.


Or better you – book in for a free, no obligation 30 minute chat so we can get you feeling clear + sorted with some action steps to move forwards.


I’d be honoured to support you.


Laura xx

How to use your vision as a daily tool to move closer to your dreams


Vision Video 2 - Blog Image (1)
In last week’s video, I shared some of my favourite tips and exercises you can use to get clear on and (re)connect with your big, beautiful vision.

So what happens once you’ve got that vision? Truth be told, for a lot of people they spend time crafting a beautiful vision that gives them that fizzyheart feeling; then it sits on their desk/wall/gets shoved in a drawer for six months until they dig it out to look at it again.

If they’re lucky they might be a bit closer to making that vision their reality. But they might not be too.

So how can we make sure we stay connected to our vision?


Getting clear on your vision: A video on why I think it’s so important + how to do it!

Do you have a clear vision? For yourself? For your life? For your business or passion project?

Having a clear vision can be a powerful tool in helping us clarify what is it that we want to do this year (or over the next few years)? What is it that we want to change, embrace, try, let go of, start, finish, and see? What are we working towards?

The reality is that for many of us – myself included – life gets busy.  We’re off ticking all the boxes and doing ‘the right things’ the things we think we should be doing and then one day we look up and realise we’ve lost touch with our vision.