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Love is in the air: Our Wedding Part 3 – Reception + Party Time!

Wedding Part 3 - Blog Image
Time to Party!

You’re reading part three of an epic series about our wedding.

You can read part 1 – getting ready over here.

You can read part 2 – ceremony and photos here.

While we were off having photos, our guests had drinks and canap├ęs on the verandah and lawns of the venue.

Rolling with our theme of fun, Oz’s brother had made us a giant Jenga set, and we’d set out ten pin bowls and other outdoor games.


Love is in the air: Our wedding Part 2 – The Ceremony + Photos

Wedding Part 2 - Blog Image

This is part two of an epic, three-part series from our wedding!

You can read Part one – getting ready, over here.

The Ceremony and Photos

We ended up getting married inside, in the hall attached to our reception venue, as although the sun was out, it was a bit windy.

Walking in together was such a blur, and I am so glad I got to do it with Oz, rather than walking down the aisle by myself with all eyes on me! People were cheering and waving the ribbon wands and flags, it is actually one of my favourite parts of the day. (more…)

Love is in the air: Our Wedding Part 1 – Getting Ready

Wedding Part 1 - Blog Image

Excitement! Our wedding photos finally arrived the other week. I didn’t end up sharing many on social media around the time of the wedding because to be honest we were having so much fun we forgot to take any!!

But now they’re here, and I’ve pulled together a round up of our day over three epic posts; starting with Part 1: Getting Ready! (more…)