I work with humans who are ready to live into their potential.

I help you to:
+ identify and release the deeply held (unconscious) beliefs, thoughts, habits and emotions that are holding you back and re-wire your brain with new ones that work for you.
+ discover + clarify your vision, then make it happen
+ (re)define success on your OWN terms, and live it
+ get clear on the results YOU want and how you can create them
+ challenge your limitations and go beyond what you think you’re capable of

Ultimately: I guide you to BE the person you need to be, so you can show up and DO the things that need to be done, so you can HAVE the experience (and get the results), you want to have.


I call the way I work Mindset, Magic and Mechanics.

Mindset focuses on subconscious transformation, helping you release the deep-seated beliefs, habits, actions, thoughts and emotions that are holding you back, then re-wiring your brain with new programs; and building a deep understanding of how you operate best.

Magic is about learning how to tune-in, connect with and trust yourself and your truth. Your intuition, that part of you that knows what is best for you without all the noise from the outside world.

Then, the mechanics part is about taking action. Both the inner and outer action steps you’ll need to take to create a life or business on their terms, one that feels good for you AND gets results.

As an internationally certified life coach and Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner I bring my whole experience to the table as your Coach including 16+ years in communications and business, plus everything I’ve learnt (and continue to learn) as I explore what it means to transform my subconscious, live into my potential, let go off limitations and to create a life and business that feels good and gets results. 

I work with people who are ready to commit. To get a bit uncomfortable. To answer the voice inside that says “This isn’t it. I know there’s something more. That I’m meant for something more. And I’m ready to find it.”

This is it. Your time is now.

This is a 60 minute no-obligation, genuine coaching experience to find out if we will be a good fit. If you decide to proceed with booking a series we can decide which program is right for you or discuss a customised program to suit your needs.


Before I started working with Laura I felt overwhelmed managing ‘parts’ of myself and had some inner-conflict about moving forward with my professional life.

Through our time together Laura helped me uncover and identify stories that were holding me back. When I identified them I felt like EVERYTHING made sense.

I could see how I was subconsciously holding myself back. When we shifted and transformed those stories and beliefs my gosh that felt SO illuminating and freeing.

Now I feel so much more aligned and I know where everything ‘fits’ in my life. I have a clear direction for where I am going and why.

If you are thinking of working with Laura, don’t hesitate and jump in with both feet!! This work and woman is powerful and could very well change your whole life.

Kate Cashman – The Breath Between

What sort of coaching do you do?

I coach across life and business domains, however what I’ve found is that we are not operating in a bubble, and so even in a business context there is generally an element of life coaching in the work we do together.

My underlying philosophy to help you transform the subconscious blocks and limiting beliefs that are holding you back from getting the results and experiences you want in life and business. In my experience, no matter what part of your life you’re focused on at a conscious level, we need to deal with what is causing you the most discomfort on a subconscious level, even when it isn’t clearly related to what you’re working towards.  Without addressing that you’ll be unable to move forwards and create the outcomes you’re seeking.

This is why I don’t separate my coaching into life OR business categories, but simply, as your coach I am here to help you live into your potential!


Just some of the things I can help you with

Get clear on what you want your life to look like aka define success on YOUR terms.

Break out of the constricting mould you feel trapped in and start making changes – even when it’s scary and a step outside of your comfort zone.

Start living a life that feels good right now, not ‘when’ you’ve ticked all the ‘right’ boxes, achieved a never-ending list of steps you ‘have’ to take to become successful.

Ditch guilt and agonising over other people’s expectations of you and what you should be doing.

Work through any internal and external blocks stopping you from moving forwards and living life the way you dream of (Ever felt like you keep self-sabotaging even when you want something SO BAD? Yeah, that. We’ll get to the root cause of that and fix it.).

Come up with a plan and start taking action to get results – it’s true what they say: ‘If you want something you’ve never had, then you’ve got to do something you’ve never done.’

What is Neuro Linguistic Programming?

Neuro-Linguistic Programming is a modality, tools and techniques that allow you to interpret and reprogram your mind. It includes tools such as hypnosis and EFT or tapping.

Neuro refers to your neurology; our nervous system, brain/mind and how that interacts with the body.

Linguistic refers to the words and language we use.

Programming refers to how neural language functions. It’s the habits of thought (often unconscious) that lead to habits of behaviour.  By discovering these you can then decide whether they work well for you or are limiting you or holding you back and how to change them.

In more basic terms: learning NLP is like learning the language of your own mind!  When we learn the minds ‘language’, how it interprets and stores information, then we can use that to understand ourselves and others better and communicate with ourselves and others in a way that creates the results we want.

NLP is a powerful tool to help address deep-seated subconscious blocks and patterns that are incongruent with the results you want to experience on a conscious level.


I think one of Laura’s greatest skills as a coach is her ability to help you break things down so you can see what the next steps available to you are, and guide you to take action because it feels right for you; not because you feel like you have to.
Amy MacKenzie – Designing Her Life


Here’s how we work together:

// On booking your series, you’ll receive a comprehensive Pre-Coaching Questionnaire: this helps clarify what we will work on during our time together.

// Our first session is a 90 minute intensive video or voice call (you choose), where we dive deep into your questionnaire, developing some goals and scoping a plan of action for the next four months.

// Fortnightly 60-90 minute 1:1 video or voice calls.

// Voxer support between sessions (this is an app that acts like a walkie-talkie) – this is invaluable in allowing you to access support and continue to coaching experience between sessions.

// A dedicated and private online space (in Asana) where you can share anything you’re working on for feedback and use my skills, experience and knowledge to provide feedback.

// Access to ‘client only’ resources to help you live into your potential and achieve your goals, including some I make *especially* for you – think personalised audio recordings, visualisations, video tutorials, templates, worksheets + more.

// Accountability. Yep – I’ll be making sure you complete what you need to each week to stay on track.

Your investment for 1:1 coaching sessions, Voxer and Asana support and customised resources is $1299 AUD per month for 4 months.


You’ve got two choices now:


You can listen to the voice that’s telling you that this is it. That it’s too hard and you’re not meant for more.


Or you can back yourself and that whisper-quiet voice that’s telling you that you ARE meant for more.


Here’s the truth: saying yes to that voice and backing yourself won’t be a walk in the park. There will be tough times and you’ll be challenged to step out of your comfort zone over and over again.


But staying where you are now – feeling stuck, overwhelmed and small, going through the same motions every day and not getting the results you want – that’s hard too.


Here’s another truth: I don’t mess around. It’s my job (and I take it seriously) as your coach to hold you accountable to your vision and your potential, even (especially!) when you’re doubting yourself.


I can do this without doubting, questioning or second-guessing because I’ve seen it in absolutely EVERY. SINGLE. PERSON I’ve ever worked with and I’ve done it myself plenty of times (and continue to do so).


These people don’t have some special secret sauce you don’t. What they do have is the courage to back themselves and to have a go. To step up and go all in, sometimes without knowing the answer.


This is about acknowledging what you deeply and truly want, even when it doesn’t feel very clear, and backing yourself to create it. To make it happen.


To keep leaning into that uncomfortable edge where you find out you’re more capable than you ever thought you were. That you can actually do things you’ve been telling yourself you can’t. That you don’t have to settle.


This is it. Your time is now.


Laura is my business brain and I can say hand-on-heart I would not be where I am today if it wasn’t for her. Laura truly gets my vision for myself and my business and is able to map out what needs to happen and when, to make that vision a reality.
Jade McKenzie – Event Head


When I started coaching with Laura, I felt lost and frustrated. I was desperate for a change, but because I lacked clarity and self-belief, I just couldn’t seem to make things happen on my own. Fear was standing in my way and procrastination was my worst enemy.

But, by the end of our first session, I knew that Laura really understood who I was and what I needed. But she didn’t straight out tell me – using her uncanny ability to ask just the right questions, she helped me to dig deep into my soul and make my own realisations. Allowing me to see that I already knew what I truly wanted and what I had to do to make it all happen was so incredibly powerful… a total game changer.

Laura is positive, genuine and enthusiastic and made me feel so comfortable with her wonderfully warm and caring nature. But don’t be fooled – she is also a total boss when it comes to holding you accountable! She has a beautifully unique way of lovingly steering you away from your BS and whipping you into action.

By the end of our time together, I felt an enormous sense of freedom and a massive boost to my self-confidence. I gained clarity not only around what I truly want, but also around who I am and what works best for me. I let go of some long-standing fears, and I am now a pro at using my intuition, setting boundaries with love, making time for myself without guilt and owning my awesome. And most importantly, things are finally happening!

I felt truly grateful to have been able to work with such an incredible coach, and can’t recommend her highly enough.
Jacky Taylor