You’re here because you’re ready to create the business your dream of.

Maybe you’ve already started, but if you’re honest with yourself you’ve been playing small and now you’re ready to step up and claim your vision.

You’ve got a big, bold (and if you’re honest with yourself, a little bit scary) vision for your business. You know that you’re capable of more. But you’re holding yourself back in some way.


All you know is that:

// There’s a running soundtrack in your head, a voice that constantly questions and doubts you. Wondering whether you really can make it or, if you’re even any good at what you do, telling you if you achieve what you want it will only be a matter of time before you f*&k it up and it’s taken all away from you somehow.


// You feel like you’re living someone else’s definition of what ‘success’ looks like – but it doesn’t feel right for you, and you’re not sure what your definition is, or if it’s even possible.


// You spend a lot of time feeling anxious and worrying about other people’s expectations of you and what you should be doing.


Despite a deep inner knowing you’re meant for more, you have this niggling suspicion that you’re blocking yourself. Playing small in some way, even if you can’t quite put your finger on how or why exactly.


I work with people who are ready to commit. To get a bit uncomfortable. To answer the voice inside that says “This isn’t it. I know there’s something more. That I’m meant for something more. And I’m ready to find it.”

I don’t teach cookie-cutter solutions or step-by-step formulas. When we work together we dive deep into understanding how YOU work best, setting you AND your business up to thrive in a deeply transformative and truly sustainable way.

I gratefully have a limited number of spaces available for 1:1 coaching. If you feel called please send me an email at
hello[at] or DM me on instagram (@_laurakbanks) so we can chat further.


Before I started working with Laura I felt overwhelmed managing ‘parts’ of myself and had some inner-conflict about moving forward with my professional life.

Through our time together Laura helped me uncover and identify stories that were holding me back. When I identified them I felt like EVERYTHING made sense.

I could see how I was subconsciously holding myself back. When we shifted and transformed those stories and beliefs my gosh that felt SO illuminating and freeing.

Now I feel so much more aligned and I know where everything ‘fits’ in my life. I have a clear direction for where I am going and why.

If you are thinking of working with Laura, don’t hesitate and jump in with both feet!! This work and woman is powerful and could very well change your whole life.

Kate Cashman – The Breath Between


Laura is my business brain and I can say hand-on-heart I would not be where I am today if it wasn’t for her. Laura truly gets my vision for myself and my business and is able to map out what needs to happen and when, to make that vision a reality.
Jade McKenzie – Event Head


When I started coaching with Laura, I felt lost and frustrated. I was desperate for a change, but because I lacked clarity and self-belief, I just couldn’t seem to make things happen on my own. Fear was standing in my way and procrastination was my worst enemy.

Laura is also a total boss when it comes to holding you accountable! She has a beautifully unique way of lovingly steering you away from your BS and whipping you into action.

By the end of our time together, I felt an enormous sense of freedom and a massive boost to my self-confidence. I gained clarity not only around what I truly want but also around who I am and what works best for me. I let go of some long-standing fears, and I am now a pro at using my intuition, setting boundaries with love, making time for myself without guilt and owning my awesome. And most importantly, things are finally happening!
Jacky Taylor