As a speaker and workshop facilitator, I aim to help every audience member walk away with practical action to take their life or business next-level.


I bring my experience and passion for helping humans who are ready to get clarity on their vision, develop a plan and take action to reach their full potential, to finally throw off the expectations of showing up every day living a life they think they should be living, rather than the life they dream about living, and achieve the results they want in all parts of their lives and businesses.


Laura is a natural, effervescent and bubbly speaker. She has the ability to engage an audience instantly with her warmth and gentle nature.

She effortlessly weaves between sharing insights of her own life into how her audience can lead a more inspired, joyful and meaningful existence.

I love listening to her speak and highly recommend bringing her to your stage.

Julie Parker, CEO and Founder, Beautiful You Life Coaching Academy


As a speaker I’ve got my own unique style of presenting information, that combines mindset and mechanics.

The mindset part is all about teaching you how to tap into the 95% of our mind we don’t use but that runs the show (our subconscious) and using it to work for us, not against us.

Then, backing that up with action – the daily steps and habits (the mechanics) that help us BE the person we want to be and get the results that we want to experience.


I believe we can do life with less efforting our way to the things we want (or worse, the things we think we should want) and with more ease.


What I know with absolute certainty is this: if you’re feeling unmotivated, uninspired and mediocre about the results you’re getting in life or business right now, then they’re not the ones you’re meant for.

From personal experience and through working with incredible life-coaching clients, what I also know for sure is that our circumstances don’t change if we don’t take action to change them.

In other words – if you want something you’ve never had; you’ve got to do something you’ve never done.

My aim as a speaker is to empower every member of the audience with tools that help them find their own super-powerful equation of clarity and action; giving them practical tools, insights and a (love-filled) kick up the backside if required to help them explore, lean into and live their potential.


We invited Laura to speak at our Inspired Women Business + Networking Day and she was nothing short of amazing. Professional, calm, friendly and inspiring, she nailed the brief and then some.

As an event manager, I am constantly working with speakers and Laura is definitely in the group I like to call the ‘stand-outs’, where you know it is going to be a joy to work with them in the lead up and that the audience will really engage with them too.

I would personally recommend Laura to anyone looking for a beautifully warm and motivating speaker.

Jade McKenzie, CEO and Founder, Event Head Agency


I love to speak about a wide-range of topics, including:

Mindset Mastery

Research shows the subconscious controls 95% of our mind.

Learn practical and simple tools, tips and techniques used by athletes and professionals to access the power of their subconscious, use your brain as a ‘super computer’ and achieve the results you want in all areas of life and business.

Powerful Tools for Peak Performance

If you’ve ever felt unfilled in life or business, or feel frustrated that you can never seem to make your goals happen, this workshop is for you.

You’ll learn what your values are and why it’s so important to know them; how to set powerful goals (forget the SMART system as you know it!) and discover simple techniques and strategies to increase motivation and take action.

The ‘F’ Word

This workshop covers three big ‘F’ words: failure; fulfilment + fun.

Learn how to reframe failure, to see it as an opportunity to learn and to move closer and closer to doing our best work.

Discover the empowering concept of personal responsibility. It’s up to us to decide what we want in our lives and to start taking action – however small towards it.

Find your fun – learn how to reconnect with what makes us truly happy and why it’s so important to do so!


Your Life – Next Level

Having a vision for your life or business is key to achieving the results you want – but it doesn’t always have to be crystal clear give year plan.

Weaving in examples from my own life and experience this topic covers how to get clarity and connection with your vision; set goals that feel good, so you can finally do the things you’ve always wanted to, but haven’t and take action even when you’re not sure where to next; you’re feeling scared or what you truly want seems so far away from where you are now.

Sharing my personal story

A car accident and hearing some tough truths from someone close to me changed my life. It wasn’t easy but I’ve gone from a girl who believed she wasn’t entrepreneurial or athletic and was in fact downright average to running my own business, competing in a half-ironman and converting a school bus into a tiny house to live and travel on.

Unconventional yes, but fulfilling, challenging and a life that has shown me that I’m capable of more than I ever believed I was. I’m passionate about sharing my story along with the lessons, tools and techniques I’ve learned along the way to empower others to start to explore their potential.

From Stressed to Success

There is no doubt we’re living in an increasingly busy and ‘switched on’ world.

Learning how to manage our emotional state and deal with ‘busyness’, work effectively under pressure and practice self-care helps each attendee understand themselves better and build their own toolkit to support them to thrive in a busy life and work environment.


Custom Content + Collaborations

If you would love to engage me as a speaker or workshop facilitator and are looking to develop content suited to your unique needs, I would love to hear more. Please send me an email at and I’ll be in contact soon!


Availability + Contact

If you’re holding an upcoming event and are looking for an engaging speaker who will deliver inspirations + practical content attendees can walk away with and implement into their lives please contact me at for my speakers kit and to check my availability for your next event.


Laura is available for

  • 1:1 and group coaching
  • Workshops, including corporate workshops
  • Speaking and guest presentations
  • Consulting
  • Interview and media opportunities.

To find out more including access to media images and my press kit drop me a line 


Media Bio

About Laura:

Laura is an internationally certified coach and Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner on a mission to help you see, feel and live into your potential.

Laura works with individuals, business owners and organisations to develop their capacity for personal leadership, get clear on their vision, develop a plan and take action to reach their full potential and achieve the results they want in their lives and businesses.

She also provides consultancy services to organisations in the areas of communications strategy and community/stakeholder engagement.

Ultimately Laura aims to guide clients to find their own way of doing life and business that feels good, aligns with their values, and gets the results they desire.

After a car accident + a tough truthbomb from someone she loves, Laura went on a journey to become the sort of person she wanted to be and to live a life that she wanted to live – not the life she thought she ‘had’ to live.

Laura loves challenging herself to get out of her comfort zone, which has seen her compete in her first half-ironman triathlon, get a mystery haircut and, with her husband, two dogs and cat, buy a bus to convert into a tiny home.

Laura is based in Tasmania and enjoys getting outdoors and enjoying the abundance of nature, food (let’s be honest, she’s talking about cheese) and wine that Tassie has on offer.


What Clients Say

“Laura is positive, genuine and enthusiastic. She made me feel so comfortable with her wonderfully warm and caring nature, but don’t be fooled – she is also a total boss when it comes to holding you accountable! She has a beautifully unique way of lovingly steering you away from your BS and whipping you into action. By the end of our time together, I felt an enormous sense of freedom and a massive boost to my self-confidence.” – Jacky Taylor


“I absolutely loved my coaching series with Laura and got so much out of it for both my life and business. In her quiet, but real and caring way, Laura helped me get crystal clear on my big picture vision for both my business and my life. She filled our sessions with celebration, love, support and encouragement; seeing myself set and achieve tasks and acknowledge my current achievements. Having Laura as my coach and cheerleader is one of the best decisions I’ve made and will be one of yours too.” – Amy Mackenzie