Are you ready for your first (or consistent) paying clients in your biz?

Introducing the FREE
Consistent Clients Workshop

A free business coaching workshop so you can get clear on your unique*
strategy for your first - and consistent - paying clients .
* I.e. There are no cookie-cutter formulas or 'six-steps to success' here


Starting your business is a roller coaster...

I know when you're starting out in business it can feel overwhelming. There are so many things to do: build out your website, show up on social media, set up your email and nurture sequence...the list goes on.

Before you know it you're spending those precious hours you have to work on your biz, in amongst work and family, doing All. The. Things...except actually what you started your biz for. Coaching.

You realise you've finished working with your Pro Bono clients, but have no idea where or how to find paying clients.

You're showing up and posting on social media, but all you hear is *crickets*. Self-doubt is starting to creep in. Are you really meant to do this work?

In this workshop I'll take you through the four-step process you can use to discover your exact strategy for getting paying clients in your business.

What makes this workshop different?

I'm sure you've realised by now that there is no shortage of cookie-cutter solutions that promise instant results if you just follow these six*-steps.

Perhaps you've even tried some of it, but haven't seen any results.

After working as a mindset and business coach with hundreds of business owners of the past six years, I know this to be true: no one is giving you the coaching you need to take those first steps to finding paying clients when you start your business because those steps are so unique to you.

I've created this workshop to provide you with the unique-to-you, practical and tangible steps that you can implement to start finding and working with a consistent stream of paying clients.

By joining me live on this call you have the opportunity to be coached live by me as I take you through this process, with my eyes and experience on you and your business.

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How It Works:


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Join me live on Thursday 28 January at 1.30pm ADST (or you can watch it back later) and work through the process to discover your exact steps to getting your first (or consistent) paying clients!


Meet Laura

An internationally-certified business and mindset coach, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner, speaker and workshop presenter, Laura believes that transformation starts on the inside.

If you’ve got that feeling that you’re meant for me, that you’re being called to stop playing small and whole-heartedly step into the vision you have for your business, Laura is here to help you make it happen.

Laura has worked with hundreds of clients from brand-new to seven figure businesses from around the world, helping them create the business, impact and income they desire in a way that supports them to feel really freaking good, enjoy the journey and get results.

With her signature blend of mindset mastery and business strategy, Laura is passionate about working with women coaches, creatives, healers and consultants who are in the first 1-3 years of creating and growing their service-based business.

Laura has been featured in publications including the Sunday Age Sunday Life Magazine, the Sydney Morning Herald and Good Health Magazine. She is also a regular guest presenter in the area of mindset and subconscious transformation at workshops, online courses and events, and a coach trainer with the Beautiful You Coaching Academy.

Are you ready to call in your first or consistent paying clients?

This business coaching workshop isn't about loading you up with *more* information then leaving you to figure out how to apply it to your unique circumstances and business by yourself.

It's about supporting you to find the unique-to-you strategy and practical action steps to working with your first (and consistent) paying clients.

Join me for this free workshop on
Thursday, 28 January at 1:30am ADST.